Friday, December 7, 2007

Creative ways to include the holidays

Not only do I volunteer for a non-profit, I work for a non-profit in the Boston area as well. This year my job decided to have a decorating contest amongst the different departments to celebrate the season. Now I know I can be a bit Martha Stewart around the holidays, but I really enjoy this friendly competition. It has been neat to see people collaborating with different ideas to come up with some great decorations, such as Faux Fireplaces, Nutcracker Suite, Ski Lodges, "It's a small world", etc. Even the people who don't think they have creativity, are enjoying the festive offices that are now around the building.

Since everyone has a chance to get involved, it also is a great way of celebrating the diverse amount of holidays that happen during this season. The winners get a pizza party for their office, and naturally bragging rights. Even if you don't win you may get a fun prize for participating, "The Green Award" - the most Eco-friendly design, "Martha Stewart Award"- most homemade crafts, "Charlie Brown Award"- most simplistic design.

So if you're a non-profit looking to incorporate the holidays around the office, I say give this a try - you may be surprised by the enthusiasm of your workers.


Casey said...

We have a similar thing at my company.. though we're not a non-profit. I like the idea of different awards, too. Bonus: this year we get $75 from the company towards our decorations. Ahh... it can be good to work for a for-profit place.

John Ryan said...

This is very cool. I want to see pictures!

susan said...

Our office adopted a family through United Way and we bought gifts for a four-person family. They didn't want much and it was fun to collaborate on the shopping and giving.

Margot said...

As a public school teacher, holidays are a touchy subject. We have a yearly food drive to contribute to needy families or a local homeless shelter. It's a low-stress way to give back!