Monday, January 25, 2010

You're Fired

I don't know about many of you but I am tired of hearing about the big banks in America, and the enormous payouts they give to some of their employees. If you were "top big to fail" then how come you needed a large sum for bailout money from the government a year ago?

You may not have heard of it yet but there is a
grassroots effort to Move your Money from the big banks to a smaller bank. The thought behind this movement is that smaller community banks did not and will not make the risky investments that brought us to the current financial crisis. As Arianna Huffington writes, "Consider it a withdrawl tax on the big banks for the negative service they provide by consistently ignoring the public interest."

I really like this idea, supporting small local banks. Sure I may have to walk a little farther to find an ATM who will not charge me a fee, but if that money isn't going to pay some enormous bonus/salary to an executive at a bank who doesn't care about the local community, then I am all for it!

To find a list of the small community banks in your area go to

For now I will put my best Donald Trump impression on, and go to my bank and say "You're Fired". I am still debating if I should add the hand gesture with it. Thoughts?

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