Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Volunteer Event! Kicking It With The Kids

It's time to get out there with the kids at the West End House!

On Wednesday, September 23 from 5-7pm, OYFP will be at the West End House in Allston, playing games in their sweet gym (see left) or unleashing our creative spirits in the art studio with the grade schoolers at WEH.

Volunteers can spend their time in the gym, in the studio, or mix it up and spend an hour in each.

And for those of you who can't get swing by at 5, feel free to come by at 6 for the last hour -- it'll be a great time! To make sure volunteers can really interact with the children, we're capping the number of volunteers at 15. Please email David at david.dsilva@oyfp.org to claim your spot.

Bring your gym shoes and your smocks and we'll see you there!

Picture courtesy of the West End House

1 comment:

John R said...

sounds great! i cant wait to play 4 square.