Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tips to Travel Green

Whether it be a staycation or an actual trip it's hard to be Green while traveling. For example I was fortunate enough to visit the Carribean a few weeks ago which has spectacular views and scenery.

That being said, it was also difficult to find any recycling bins for the basics (bottled water, paper, cans, etc.) and when I did find recyle bins they were ONLY for cans. I even took all the paper home from our trip (maps, info guides, etc.) home with me in my luggage to recycle it all when I came back to Beantown.

My sister informs me that I no longer have to pack my recyclables, but I can also be green when I travel as well. Here are some helpful sites to help you plan your trip!
You can keep your hobbies, such as traveling, and still maintain your sustainable life-style! Have you heard of any other Eco-Friendly Traveling tips?

Picture of my trip to St. Thomas


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