Friday, August 22, 2008

Recycling while Traveling

I try to be as green as possible but I have come to realize it is very difficult when you are traveling. For example, you can not bring a reusable water bottle when boarding a flight due to security enforcing the 3 oz liquid rule. I understand the reason for this, so I am fine with not bringing any big water bottles on board.

I however, like to stay hydrated, so like many people do, I buy a bottle of water after I have gone through security. Recently I was at Logan airport and I did not see any place to discard my recyclable bottle of water once it was finished. I was faced with a choice of bringing it on the plane and adding it to my cramped leg room and wait until I find a recyclable container, or throw it in the dreaded garbage. I chose to throw it away faced with the uncertainty of when I would be able to find a recyclable container.

Little did I know that other airports supports being green and have recycle containers next to all garbage bins. For example, Chicago's O'Hare airport has the container to the right next to EACH garbage can.

Seeing this little bin made me wonder why Mayor Menino, who continues to push Boston to become more green, doesn't push for Logan airport to become more green. This is an especially needed component, considering Logan airport is one of the 20 busiest airports in the U.S., with over 27 million passengers a year!

Also while traveling I noticed there were no recycle containers in the hotel suite I was in. Again there was no other alternative for me being in semi unfamiliar territory to know where I could recycle the paper & plastic containers I have accumulated while staying at the hotel.

This is unfortunate because I believe if there were more recycle receptacles in hotels and airports, this would reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills in the USA quite considerably.

This is my experience with traveling but I would love to hear other stories, especially those companies that have done more to become more green. Maybe I flew out of the one airport that doesn't (yet) have a program and perhaps stayed at the one hotel that doesn't particpate (yet).

Photo courtesy of: Moi

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