Friday, May 8, 2009

Your Name on Toast

Yep not kidding.  You can have your name or web address written on toast for any amount of donation (min $100.00) to Oxfam-Ireland. If you click on any of the pieces of toast then it links you to the website of the doner.  

The next logical question is why?  Well the obvious answer to that is who doesn't love toast and who wouldn't want to see their name on toast?

The website claims it's a silly idea, but silly ideas get people talking and creates awareness of the cause you are trying to promote.  SO TRUE!  This is why I
 loved watching Chicago station Channel 9 news in the morning growing up because they would make people do silly things, like be a human bowling ball and they would give you a bit of air time to promote your cause.  If hurling myself down a bowling lane to knock down some pins helps end world poverty than I am in!

I would also like to point out that they have raised over $11,000.00 to help Oxfam-Ireland thus far!   Think of what a unique mother's day gift it could be to, her name on toast.  

Click here to buy your own toast.
Click here to see all the pieces of toast that have been written on.

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P.S. Thanks for the idea Casey


Dave said...

WGN morning news was hilarious! I don't even know if they did real news.

If this were in a museum would this be labeled as oil on wheat or something? Like what do you use to draw? Permanent marker?

david said...
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