Friday, March 20, 2009

What is hindering your ability to be Green

I am sure I have mentioned by now that I watch a lot of TV. In any case my latest obsession is watching the green channel. Most of the shows that I watch show you ways you can become more green. The irony isn't lost on me either that I would actually be more green if I didn't watch all the TV I did and read a book instead.

So although I try to be as green as possible sometimes there are instances on these shows that I a end up saying. "I can't do that". For Example one episode featured a home that was being made of straw! I can just imagine going to the City officials asking for a permit, stating I would like to redo my house into straw. I can guarantee I would be denied!
Another episode on a different show said I shouldn't buy clothes that have cotton (not organic) or polyester in it. Sure no problem! Wait a second, it costs what? In this economy who can afford these clothes? Not me. I might as well buy as well buy couture for those prices.

Furthermore, I was at my friend house for the first time and they were giving us a tour of their home. Seems logical, right? Then when we got to the bathroom and they said they have a policy just like in Meet the Fockers, to only flush when they go #2. While I appreciate the water it's saving, it's REALLY gross to see someone else's urine! I would worry about the cleanliness of the whole thing. Perhaps the answer is to get a dual flush toilet, but what if you rent and that is not an option? Then you are left with the choice to flush or not to flush.

My examples may not be something most people can do but that's the point. Where some of us see limitations others see opportunities. I like to think of myself as an opportunist but sometimes even I have my limits. Do you have anything that is hindering your ability to be green, or is it just me?


Kristen said...

shopping at secondhand stores are a great way to be green, thrifty, and fashionable (depending on what you find ;)

i personally would not really want to spring for an expensive organic cotton shirt when i could get a used one for a 1.50!

Casey said...

Kristen has a good point - re-using stuff that has already been made is the greenest practice you can have!

And, sometimes I do the whole limited flushes after #1s, but not if I have company over.