Friday, February 6, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving... Solar Power

Recently for my birthday, my honey gave me this device shown here. It is a Hybrid Charger that uses solar power technology to power up your electronic devices(phone, mp3 player, laptop, etc.).

It's really simple to operate, you put a pen or pencil in the center of the device, face it to a window(south facing is best) and it will charge away. So while I was at work, I was storing energy from the sun to use on my electronic devices which I powered up when I was home at night. Talk about multi-tasking!

This is a really cool gift idea because it helps me reduce my use of energy in the house. This of course will save me money and reduce my carbon footprint on the world.

The other reason it is really cool gift idea is because it is an investment for green technology. Instead of receiving some new clothes (not needed, but I do have material desires after all) that would have been used for a couple of years until it was out of fashion and then donated to Goodwill. I received a gift that is a commitment to the future of our world. Hopefully these hybrid chargers will lead to new different green technology which will help us reduce our carbon footprints.

It is certainly going to help me become more green, which is something we all need to consider.

Have you received any cool new gadgets that support green technology?

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