Friday, October 10, 2008

Adding to the Grid

My former college residence, 320 Hillview, Ithaca, NY, 14850, from 2002-2003, has gone solar! Its completely off the power grid and it actually produces "extra" electricity.

"The Motel," as we affectionately call it has a 100 panel system that provides electricity to 14 apartments at 320 Hillview as well as next door at 514 Aurora Street.

The New York State Electric Gas Corporation (NYSEG) considers this system an independent power provider because after internal consumption extra electricity created is fed back into the towns power supply.

320 Hillview owner, Peter Penniman, said the system of solar panels would not have been a practical option without state and federal aid: a state rebate for 50% of total cost, a federal tax credit and a low-interest loan. After the rebates, the entire system cost Penniman $128,000.


Casey said...

Is this a frat house? Looks too clean... My aunt and uncle in NY also have solar panels. However, they had to connect to the grid in order to have their hot tub. :)

Most states do not have legislation requiring electricity companies to "buy back" extra energy created by solar or wind. NY is the exception, I'm not sure where else. Hopefully in the future more states will have such rules, making it even more appealing for people to install green technologies like this one.

Casey said...

PS Funny that "the motel" is green in color too!