Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Was It Green? EarthFest 2008

On Saturday, May 24 2008 I attended Boston’s 15th annual EarthFest at the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade along with 50,000 to 100,000 other Bostonians.

This annual event was presented by Whole Foods Market and Radio 92.9 and it was, as always, free to the public. The main artists: Cake, Cracker, The English Beat, and BoDeans all preformed on a solar-powered stage this year. And Cake, a band from Sacramento, California, pledged to record its next album entirely with solar power. Cake also gave away a tree to a volunteer and as a contingent asked her to take a photo with the tree every few years and send it to their website – “no matter how old she got.”

In addition to the music there were many vendors giving out freebees like organic energy drinks, granola, coffee drinks, yogurt, reusable bags, energy bars, raffle stubs for LCD televisions - and even hugs were free.

Local companies and non-profits staffed booths showcasing their ideas for a more sustainable community and environment. I took a picture with the IzzItGreen mascot, picture to right.
IzzItGreen is a ratings and review site that asks, "Is it good?" and "IzzItGreen?" about a businesses products and actions. IzzItGreen believes “the answers aren't always in a book, or on the internet, or buried under a pile of dirty laundry (although sometimes they are). Answers often sprout from curious folks and their communities, connections, and conversations.”

I wonder if IzzItGreen reviewed EarthFest how would it score. Speaking anonymously a local government official said: “There was rampant consumption taking place [at EarthFest] without really any thought to it. The recycling containers were poorly marked and poorly distributed. There should have been separate containers for all sorts of recycling not just plastics and paper, but also food waste and packaging - if you took a look at the lawn after the last show [Cake] it was littered with crap - how easily people forget they were actually at EarthFest.”

You’re not green just by attending EarthFest, you’re not green if you just blog about it. Being green means seriously taking a look at what you do and how your actions will have an effect on the environment.

EarthFest 2008 was an opportunity for individuals to enjoy the great weather, listen to live music, get a few freebees, but it also served as a reminder that environmentalism, conservation and “going green” are significant issues that affect all of us.

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casey @ OYFP said...

I love the photo, John! The Izzitgreen mascot is hilarious. Reminds me of the Philly Phanatic!

Krystle said...

I was at Earthfest with my dog. I spent the entire time trying not to let my dog eat something that was thrown onto the ground without any conscious thought. I was so annoyed that people missed the message completely of Earthfest. Great post John!

TroyJMorris said...

Wow! That's amazing.

I do love Cake, have since their second album. Nice to know they're green minded.

casey @ OYFP said...

HA poor Chai, she loves to eat pretty much everything. I had to stop her from eating an old piece of a towel in the gutter near my house - it had been there for weeks, but she still thought it would make a tasty snack.

dcosseboom said...

Great post! I work for IzzitGreen and we were really excited about the interest people had in the concept of rating and reviewing the local businesses we use every day on how good AND green they are. FYI, anyone who wants to review Earthfest on how green they are can register at IzzitGreen and search for "Greater Media Inc." which is the parent company of radio 92.9, and provide a review of Earthfest under their business listing. Keep in mind a LOT of companies were involved in the event, but my opinion is that the company throwing the event has the responsibility to make sure all the other vendors are doing the right thing. Hope to see you on the site! -JimmyB.