Thursday, October 2, 2008

Giving Away $80,000 - by Oct 15

There's $80,000 being given away at

Why are they giving away the money? Well, when the website was founded, they decided to set aside 5% of their profit to give to charities. Cool, right? So no, you don't get the $80K, but you can vote for a deserving non-profit to receive it.

But what exactly is the Squidoo site? I'm still not quite sure, but it looks like you can go on there, create a simple one pager about a cause you care about, and then hope that people donate money. It has a very Wikipedia feel to it. Their premise is that small donations can add up (see this page for more info).

Either way, they're giving away $80,000, and we get to vote on what charities get the money. Every vote gets the charity $2, so everyone has a chance to get moneys! You can only vote once - play by the rules - but you can promote your choice all you want.

And let me tell you, there are quite a few choices. My personal favorite is Long Hopes, the donkey shelter in Colorado. Yes. A donkey shelter. They take in donkeys who have no home any more. "Eeee-haw!" I say.

However, my vote (and $2 from Squidoo) went to the Genocide Intervention Network. There's a summary of links to the non-profits up for election on Squidoo to help you decide. Who are you going to vote for?

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Photo from Long Hopes.

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