Monday, September 15, 2008

Non-Profits partnering with OYFP

We wanted to remind you all that the deadline to submit an application to become a partner with On Your Feet Project is this Monday, September 15, 2008 (though if you don't get it in until this Wednesday, we won't tell anyone... shhhh).

On Your Feet Project works with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the issues they are addressing. We believe that, by increasing awareness and understanding of high-quality, local nonprofit organizations, and by promoting active community involvement among young people, we can facilitate the development of a generation focused on the betterment of our society.

OYFP selects its partners on the basis of several criteria, which include, but are not limited to:

Opportunities for involvement. Partners should support opportunities for involvement for members of the community, particularly among young people, primarily in the form of volunteer programs and events. Partners should be amenable to one-day and ongoing volunteer events organized by OYFP in conjunction with the Partners. This application period is for the Boston chapter of OYFP.

Need. Partners should demonstrate a need for assistance in areas of educating the community about its activities, recruiting volunteers, reaching out to younger demographics, and fundraising. OYFP will take into consideration OYFP's ability to respond to those needs as effectively as possible within the parameters defined by OYFP's resources and capabilities.

Sustainability of Partner programs. OYFP defines the sustainability of a given Partner program as the program's ability to provide or engender long-term solutions to the specific problems that are being addressed.

Email for OYFP applications. Please submit completed applications to

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Casey said...

We're currently in the process of choosing our next partner.. so exciting!!