Thursday, March 6, 2008

Touring Boston with Your Tongue

'Tis the season for tastings, and I for one couldn't be happier about it.

A few days ago I talked about the Taste of the South End event taking place on March 11 and benefiting the Aids Action committee. At $95 per ticket, the event's certainly not aimed at those of us trying to watch our pennies.

However... The 6th annual Taste of South Boston event is going on this Sunday, March 9 from 6 PM to 9 PM at the Seaport Hotel. Tickets are just $30. Proceeds from the event go to the O'Sullivan/Costello Rental Preservation Fund, which then gives them to the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, which works to ensure South Boston residents have access to affordable housing (is this a run-on sentence?).

According the press coverage, there will be live entertainment, a cash bar, a silent auction, and *free parking*. Unfortunately, neither the event nor the organizations have websites... so I can't provide many more details. Hopefully the delightful Sweet Tooth Boston will be present...

At just $30 per ticket, however, the event itself is quite affordable. I think most of us young professionals could afford $30 for a night out on the town. (In fact, it's probably less than we would normally spend, unless you happen to be extraordinarily gifted at obtaining free drinks.)

Unfortunately - you guessed it - I'll be out of town and unable to attend. It's probably good for my waistline that I'm missing all of these tastings... but my tongue is certainly happy that I won't be missing the second half of Restaurant Week.

Buy your tickets by contacting Donna Brown or Michelle Zenga at 617-268-9610.

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