Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking your celebrity gossip indulgence to the next level

This Sunday is the Academy Awards show, which everyone expects to be a little quieter than usual due to the recently ended writer's strike (no Vanity Fair party?? what was the point of this night again?!)

But do not fret, I'm sure your wait in the checkout line at the grocery store will still be filled with entertainment from the gossip rags.

As for actually watching the Oscars, it's always a night that falls between excitement and tedium. Yes, you look forward to watching it but then again, it's just glamour on tv.

Why not glitz it up with an Oscars party of your own, or even better, throwing a party to promote a local charity? The occasion is there for you, as is the entertainment.

The Ellie Fund always throws a black-tie Oscar viewing bash, with this year's taking place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall. It'll cost you a pretty penny but it's a chance to experience fabulous Hollywood right here in Boston.

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Casey said...

I just love those gowns.

Watching celebrities (on TV or in magazines) is a chance to see a completely different kind of life. They're like dolls.