Sunday, January 27, 2008

You make my heart sing

You know it when you see someone who is having a good time. I mean, really doing something that they absolutely love. They have genuine smiles on their faces and a grace about their movements. Most of us are not lucky enough to do something we love quite that much for our day job. However, fortunately there are plenty of ways to find that joy in activities outside of work.

This weekend, I went to the Halalisa Singers world music concert, of which my father and family friend Carol are members. Honestly, I was less than excited to give up a day of skiing to go to a concert where people would be singing music of quite a different genre than I typically listen to.

I thought, though, that my dad had certainly spent quite a lot of time going to my concerts, and that the least I could do is take an afternoon to hear my dad bellow in his bass voice. I have childhood memories of "Take me out to the ballgame" and "Ring of Fire" lullabyes that tell me that he can carry a tune and at the very least would be enthusiastic about it.

I enjoyed every song the group sang (aside from the one where they repeated "na na na no no ditititi" over and over again). But more importantly, I enjoyed watching them enjoy singing to us. At the reception afterwards, I heard over and over again how much fun it was to see the group, well, having fun!

So. Let this serve as a reminder to you to participate in activites that make you glow and radiate happiness. And, just as importantly, this should remind you to take the time to watch others doing what makes them happy. They'll appreciate it, and you'll probably benefit from it too.

If singing makes your heart sing, find a choral group in your area to join:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting us know that you enjoyed watching US enjoy ourselves. It is a wonderful thing to be able to do something that you love, that brings joy to others as well.

Mark (tenor)

Anonymous said...

We DO love to sing and I am glad it showed. I think Halalisa should sing "Ring of Fire" for our spring concert-- it fits right in with the "love" theme and if the Bob's covered it, why not us?

Baritone Bob (and Casey's father)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Casey -- for taking the time to comment -- The joy on our faces comes in part from seeing smiling faces like yours! Please come again -- and often!!

Kristen said...

I'm so bummed that i had to miss this :(

however, i would like to remind you of the third lullaby that dad would sing. john prine - please don't bury me. i always had bizarre dreams after he would sing that one.

here's the link to the lastfm page dedicated to the song.'t+Bury+Me

i can't find the original.