Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keeping Your Home Warm

If you're like me, then you rent from a place that can be quite drafty. My apartment, like many others I know, was built at the turn of the century and hasn't had much home improvements over the years. Granted, I did choose to rent here because of a) the location is great for me and Jamie, b) my rent is low for the area.

That being said, on freezing cold days like today, I have to turn the heat up, which skyrockets my utility bill. So Jamie and I have learned a few things that have helped keep our energy bill down and I thought I would list them here. With all this talk of recession, everyone appreciates saving money.
  • Request that your landlord to install a wall heater timer (or if you're handy, do it yourself). This allows you to time the heat to be on when you are home. When you are not at home (i.e. work, OYFP events, etc.), it helps you to keep the thermostat low, which will save you money on your next heating bill. If this isn't possible, remember to turn your thermostat a few degrees lower before you leave the house.

  • Close doors and if possible shut off the heat in rooms you do not use in the winter.

  • Weatherproof all windows, especially if they are single paned. We use window films that are wicked easy to put up. Trust me if I can do it, anyone can do it! With the money that you will be saving from your energy bill, it is easily affordable. For those who are worried how it will look in your place, they come in decorative styles as well!

  • If weatherproofing your windows isn't an option, try the green way and use the sun to help heat your house. Open curtains/shades of east, south and west-facing windows on sunny days to let the sun heat the house. Then at night, close them to preserve the heat.

These are a few of the tips I do for my apartment to stay warm. What do you do?

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Casey said...

I find someone to cuddle with! And keep blankets around.

For those of you using space heaters - be careful. There have been a rash of fires lately... many of them caused by space heaters. Though I suppose any space heater is better than using a conventional oven to heat your house as one of my friend's patients reported to her. That can't be healthy.