Friday, January 11, 2008

This weekend in Boston

I enjoy the creative events people come up with around Boston. It is one of the reasons I enjoy being part of OYFP - it helps me find new events that can draw people to get involved in their community. My favorite past event was the Boston Zombie walk, where people came to Davis Square, dressed as Zombies, simply to walk like zombies to a bar.

Today, in the Metro, my eye happened to land on an article entitled, "T riders to drop drawers" by Christina Wallace. In the article it explains the group Improv Everywhere have been successful in creating 6 years of pantless rides (you can still wear your underwear, so it's not naked) events in the NYC subway system. This Saturday is their first try in Boston, where at some point Saturday afternoon a bunch of riders are going to meet at Alewife stations and will drop their pants while riding the subway.

Apparently Improv Everywhere already has 380 people signed up to ride the T pantless. There is no cause or awareness they are trying to raise, just rather people doing something for the sake of doing it. The Metro highlights a section in the article saying "Get Involved". I guess I never thought of de-pantsing myself as a way to get involved with my community, but it definitely seems to have struck a cord in Boston.

So, "To have pants on or pants off this weekend?" That is the question.


hannah said...

so the purpose would be....? i can only guess it's to connect with other people, which i definitely would agree is lacking in this tech-driven world in which we now live.

still, i'd rather sit and chat over coffee instead of exposing someone to my unmentionables! i'm much cuter with pants on :P

Casey said...

I may be among the pantless - my friend forwarded me the event and it just sounds so silly I can't resist.