Friday, January 18, 2008

Local TV Rocks

Premium cable is, as my friend JM put succinctly, "for rich people." Therefore, young workers like ourselves do not have extended cable as we tend not to be rich. But you'll find when you have only twelve channels to flip through, that you really give each one a chance to entertain.

I've become a big fan of independent and locally produced media shows as a result. Democracy Now!, anchored by silver-haired straight shooter Amy Goodman (Anderson Cooper, eat your heart out), Cambridge Community Television (check out these public service announcements), and of course the 200-lb gorilla of nonprofit broadcasting, PBS (late night series about international affairs and culture are the best).

Do you have any favorite local shows?

I'm gonna make my own tv show! That's golden!

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Casey said...

I keep running across the Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN). I haven't found anything that i LOVE, but it can be entertaining to watch amateurs.

Also, I now have NetFlix. Entertainment for those without the funds for premium channels!