Friday, January 18, 2008

Home-made cures to help you get On Your Feet

When I am sick, my favorite thing to do is lie on the couch and fall asleep to the monotonous shows that are daytime TV (even with writers, the shows were terrible). However, no one enjoys being sick, because then you can't enjoy the fun events that OYFP puts on (at least, that's how I feel)!

So, I thought I would write about the home-made "cures" that people believe will help them get better when they are feeling sick.
  • For me, I go with the traditional bowl of chicken soup. The chicken soup I eat probably only makes me feel better psychologically, but then again, when I was growing up, this is what my mom served me when I was sick, so it's logical that I continue to eat the soup as an adult.
  • One of my coworkers said while growing up, her mom would soften some butter with sugar, salt, and pepper. It's a paste texture and you were to eat a couple of teaspoons. Then later have some honey.
  • Another coworker said when she had a sore throat as a kid, her mom would make her gargle baking soda and water.
  • A friend of mine suggested to boil onion peel, garlic, lemon to make a tea out of it. When the tea is ready add some honey.
What other homemade cures have you heard of?

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Casey said...

When I lived in Nicaragua, my host told me that if I swam in the volcanic crater in the afternoon, I would get sick the next day. I scoffed at her old wives tale.. but sure enough, the next day, I had the sniffles and was all congested.

My host told me to make hot limeade - squeeze the juice of several limes into boiling water, add a pinch of salt and a generous amount of sugar, and drink hot. Hot limeade would decongest me and make me better. The vitamin C part I could believe, but I was skeptical about the decongestive powers of hot limeade.

Well, I was totally wrong - the old wives tale was correct. I was decongested, and got to enjoy a tasty treat. Hot limeade is still my favorite treatment for congestion, whether or not the congestion comes from swimming in a volcanic crater.