Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finding your voice (politically)

In case you haven't turned on a TV, listened to the radio, surfed the net, or opened your mail, the 2009 presidential election is upon us. The very first primary poll occurred yesterday in NH, our independent-minded neighbor to the North, and the results (Clinton/McCain victories) surprised many in the Obama camp. Many pundits claim that McCain took away Obama votes, but that's a conversation for another blog.

Politics can be a confusing landscape for even the most dedicated citizens. But it's exactly what defines us as citizens: Our ability to vote. In Massachusetts, it's easy to feel like your vote doesn't count. Our primaries aren't first, our state always goes democratic (in presidential elections anyway), and there are so many political activists that you might feel as though your voice doesn't mean anything. Your vote does make a difference. All of our votes together make the difference.

So participate. Get on your feet! Figure out where you stand on the issues, and which candidate you feel would be best at leading the United States. And let others know why you support the candidate - talk about the candidate, or put your money where you mouth is.

Need some help figuring out where you stand? Don't worry, there are plenty of tools:
There is plenty of information, and no more excuses. Get on your feet and vote already!


Casey said...

I just read an interesting analysis of bumper stickers from the 2004 elections:

bumper sticker analysis

Take a look, it's fascinating what is subconsciously conveyed.

John Ryan said...

"Asking who is going to win the republican presidenital nomination is like asking who is going to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Who cares? They're not going to win anyway."

Casey said...

Ooo you are optimistic, John. I hope you're right, but I'm sure others have a different opinion!

Krystle said...

It's interesting to take the quiz. I thought one candidate matched my opinions the most, but it turns out another one does (although on likely to get the majority bid).

Casey said...

There was an interesting article on on how the crying incident may have impacted the election.

Don't discount the power of a few tears!