Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Volunteer with the 26th AIDS Walk Boston!

Volunteering for AIDS Walk Boston is a great way to both support the fight against AIDS and also have some fun! Each year, AIDS Action Committee relies on hundreds of volunteers to help serve the 15,000+ attendees that participate in the Walk and the Larry Kessler 5K Run.

Once again AIDS Action Committee is looking for talented, dedicated and hard working individuals to fill the following volunteer positions:

-Pre-Event Office Support

-Course Marshals

-Crowd Control

-Finish Area Volunteers

-Registration Volunteers

-Run Volunteers

-Post Event Office Support

-Special Skill Areas: Truck/Van Drivers and Photographers

Register (HERE) as a Volunteer for AIDS Walk Boston 2011 (www.aidswalkboston.org) and learn more about each of the necessary AIDS Walk Boston volunteer positions for Sunday, June 5th.

For more information about volunteering at AIDS Walk Boston contact Vibe Drostgaard at (617) 450-1506 orvdrostgaard@aac.org

Date: Sunday, June 5th
Time: 7AM-2PM
Cost: FREE

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Gift Baskets Montreal said...

That's a great initiative taken by Boston AAC and all people out there. I urge not only but also the word AIDs should be removed from across the world.

So here's BIG thumbs up to the ACC and Boston People.

Good Job!!