Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jan. 15th Service Day with City Year!

On January 15th the Civic Engagement Team with City Year Boston will host a volunteer event at the Mattahunt Elementary School.

They are on the hunt for volunteers to help them revitalize a school that has been overlooked due to cuts in the Boston Public School facility budget. On this service day, there will be a baseball themed mural with the school's inspirational motto flowing throughout the space, a stained-glass 'Mattahunt' mural in the gym lobby, as well as organizing and creating a card catalogue for the library.

If you are interested, please to contact Ashley Hackett for information.

Happy Holidays!


LVRC for Volunteer Work Sydney said...

Best of luck for the 15th!

If you are ever organising Volunteer Work in Sydney we'd love to help you!


John R said...

Hi Donna! We are not setup for Sydney...we would love to some day!