Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Volunteer Ideas, Vol 2

No. 2:
Home Energy Efficiency Team

Want to show off your handy man/woman skills or learn some new ones? "HEET organizes free weatherization parties to teach volunteers hands-on how to lower their energy bills and carbon emissions. We consult with energy experts to pass on accurate information. We build community, create social marketing for energy efficiency and help facilitate exchanges of ideas."

The nuts and bolts: You get to help others AND help yourself. I was the caulking queen (immature jokes aside) at Cambridgeport School. I went home and fixed my own windows, felt warmer and saved myself some green while being green. What's not to love about that?

Location: A home, school, community meeting place, etc somewhere in the Boston area.
Commitment: Usually a half day; sign up as they come up.
Training: None necessary. Bring your skills and/or can do attitude.
Duties: Varies from painting to caulking to replacing windows to whatever you're willing to try!
Contact: heet.cambridge@gmail.com or visit heetma.com


Raptor Plateado said...

WOW this is real, I am a man energy Effiency, hahaha!!

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