Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My guilty concience: Vegetables

I have guilt.

Oh the guilt!!!

It's not about leaving OYFP (yes, after three years I'm resigning, and like Sarah Palin, I'm not sure what my future volunteering plans are).

It's about all the vegetables in my fridge.

Oh the vegetables!

Daikon turnips, kale, radishes, cabbage (two kinds), three bunches of cilantro, two bunches of parsley, ten cucumbers, garlic scrape, regular garlic, onions, tomatoes, and more. It's CSA time, and I have plenty of veggies again. The harvest has been bountiful despite the overly rainy and cloudy season, and my fridge is bursting at its seams. How quickly I forgot the pressure of the veggies in the fridge --- "eat me! cook me! I'm organic and natural and going to go bad unless you do something!"

I have extra pressure this year because my brother -- my own flesh and blood -- has grown these vegetables.

Don't get me wrong - these veggies are out of this world delicious. I want to eat them. But there are some unusual veggies in the mix, and there's only so many stirfry dishes a girl can stand. Or cabbage soup (yuck). I've been on the search for a Few Good Recipes, and I think I've found them.

My easy seasonal recommendations, which even those of you who don't belong to CSAs can use:
Let me know what you think! My guests have been more than happy with the results...

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Photos courtesy of Red Fire Farm. You can buy their veggies bi-weekly at the South Station Farmer's Market.


Hannah said...

oyfp minus casey? :(

daikon radishes are great on top of cold soba noodles. finely grate them before adding them to your noodles. you can also add them to the dipping sauce.

i'll miss seeing your face and reading your posts! but best of luck! :)

WildWomenDon'tGetTheBlues said...

Casey- you've given so much to OYF. Three years is a good run. You're not leaving in the middle, like Palin. But you can write a book.

You were a pretty decent veggie eater when you were a kid. As a baby, you'd BEG for more "KEY" "KEY" We finally translated it to Zucchini, which you wolfed down.

Then there's the eggplant saga, which you barfed after your mother made you eat it. Does Ian deliver you any eggplant?


Ian said...

It's not eggplant season yet, and when it is, oh man, it will be eggplant season. And Peppers, and tomatoes! Now its all about carrots and kale, herbs and new potatoes, radishes and lettuce, and Onions. Mmmmmm, I have vegetable guilt all the time, there is so much in the field that is not sellable, like ugly carrots with three weird appendages that are strangely sexual. Apparently sexy carrots don't sell?

Casey said...

My previous CSA used to give us three legged carrots all the time! Ian the CSA peeps have already paid, they support the farm, I don't think they're going to be pissed about strange carrots. You can always give me the strange ones.

Now i LOVE eggplant. It was just too weird when I was a kid.

Also Ian --- no 'key' in this week's delivery a sad Casey makes.

Casey said...

Hannah thanks for the idea!!! i LOVE soba noodles.