Friday, May 1, 2009

Voting Rights

It's not something we are exactly shy about at OYFP, we encourage everyone to go out and vote and be a part of the political system we have in the United States.  It is our right to have our opinions heard on any particular issue and the right to choose the candidate which we would like to represent us in our political offices.  It shows you care about the direction of the country and that you want to take an active part in the community around you.  
Why I bring this up is that the Supreme Court is reviewing the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which intended to protect minority voters  in States with a history of discrimination. This act was renewed again by Congress in 2006, and now several states which fall under this act 
( the majority are southern states) are claiming this isn't fair.   
One part of the act, Section Five, names seven specific states and other local goverments with historical practices of minority voter discrimination, to require them to, "seek federal permission before making changes in voting procedures" 

I do think some regulation is necessary to protect the rights of all voters, especially if the voter is unaware of the discriminations  or discriminatory practices they are receiving because of their ethnic race.   But is this historical data accurate, meaning during the recent vote of 2008, are there still many policies in place in these selected states and local goverments that are discriminatory towards minority voters? 

Or is this something that should be relooked at with new data, even if it the adminstrative costs of this measure would be quite huge,  and put new local goverments under the system to protect minority voters?

Either way you look at this voting is important.  Your vote matters to who becomes the elected President, who then can appoint a Supreme Court Justice when one retires, who are currently deciding voting procedures.  So in short, VOTE

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