Friday, May 29, 2009

On Your Feet Project Volunteers serve Friday Night Supper!

The Friday Night Supper Program is a Boston based "soup kitchen." FNSP has served nutritious home-cooked meals to homeless and hungry people in Boston every Friday night since 1984. Every. Friday. Night.

Tonight! 10-15 OYFP volunteers are donating their time to serve hot meals and distribute clothes to over 150 guests.

If you cant make it tonight you can go next Friday, or the Friday after that get the point.

Volunteering with FNSP provides a meaningful way for individuals and groups to “give back” to the community, and it is a wonderful way to meet and work with people who share your concern for helping others. Volunteering also provides a valuable educational opportunity for individuals and groups who want to learn more about and advocate for the end of hunger and related social issues.


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