Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Night at the Aquarium

If you're like me, the last time you visited the New England Aquarium you were young enough to be carried around on your dad's shoulders. Maybe he joked about leaving you there to be raised by penguins. Maybe you didn't find it particularly amusing and started crying hysterically. Maybe your dad didn't make that mistake again.

Point being, it's probably been awhile since you visited the New England Aquarium.

Most of us simply don't have a reason to. It's like walking the Freedom Trail or going on a Duck Tour. It's such a touristy thing to do, a local has no place doing it.

As luck would have it, this Saturday, May 2, you do have a reason to go to the aquarium: The United Way Young Leaders organization, in partnership with OYFP, is hosting their annual gala event -- Cocktails and Starfish.

I've never been, but it looks like a pretty snazzy event, and with an open bar, plus a chance to win Patriots, Red Sox, AND U2 tickets, you can rest assured it will be a night to remember. Not to mention, Young Leaders is a fantastic organization with a strong social mission of helping local students develop important business skills to improve their futures.

Maybe it's time you re-think the aquarium and conquer your debilitating fear of aquatic life that resulted from your last visit in 1985.

More details here (about the gala event, not a personal childhood trauma):

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Casey said...

Hahahhahahahahah!!! Your dad scarred you! Are you sure you're ready to return...?