Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got Library Card?

I have one. This past saturday I went to my local library and got my very own library card. The librarian was very helpful with all my questions (what are late fees, what are other policies I should be aware of, etc.). It was rather exciting to have a library card again, probably because I always enjoyed going to the library as a kid.

I really don't know why I haven't gotten a library card over these past five years. When I first moved to Boston for grad school, I read too many textbooks to be interested in leisure reading. Then when I moved into the working world, I started a library within my work and all the people from my department dontated their old books to share with others in the office. I would occiassionally buy books to fill in ones I wanted to read, that no one from my office owned yet.

Now that I have read all the books in my work "library", I made it a goal of mine to get a library card this year. The money I save from not buying any new books will be set aside and saved and at the end of the year I plan on donating it to a cause. Plus if money is tight, and you are trying to cut down on your expenses, it's FREE! Provided of course you return your books on time.

Additionally, the cool thing about getting a Minuteman Libray card is you can use it in 35 other community libraries. From Acton to Woburn, my free little card will let me read to my hearts content. You can even return a book you got from one library in the Minuteman libray network to another libray in the network.

If you don't have a library card, what are you waiting for?


Casey said...

I already HAVE a library card! Yeahh! You can even get key chain sized library cards in the Minuteman network (but not in the Boston Public Libraries network).

Congrats on taking advantage of your tax-payer supported institution of books, Krystle!

John R said...

This is funny, I just got one the other day at the Brookline Library.

Its the only card I need, the card to knowledge!

Krystle said...

Did you notice Casey, that you can drop off your Somerville book to a Brookline library if you wanted?

Casey said...

OOoo I should do that! That stupid book is 1.5 YEARS overdue. Ha. Good thing I'm not a Somervillian any more.