Friday, November 14, 2008

Christian - A Christopher's Haven Kid

We don't have a recap of last night's events... yet. Hey, some of us didn't get home until 1 or 2 AM, so give us a break!

However, in the mean time we would like to share the story of Christian Meyer, one of the little boys with a brain tumor who received treatment at MGH before he died, and whose family received support from Christopher's Haven. In fact, the "best day of [Christian's] life" (as proclaimed by Christian) was the day he got to sit in the Red Sox dugout with Kevin Youkilis, whose foundation supports Christopher's Haven.

So - know that your donations last night are going to a really great foundation that will help other kids like Christian and their families while they're going through treatment, and what may be a battle for their lives.

Bowen Community Buries a "Shining Light"

Seven-year-old Christian Meyer walked out of Bowen School and looked up at a large concrete truck parked out front.

The little, blond boy grinned widely as his picture stared back down at him.

He pushed his walker to the front of a crowd of classmates who had gathered at the foot of the large machine, walking with an ease and flexibility matched only in those who had mastered their handicap.

Perched above the wheel of the truck, Christian fielded questions from the other elementary school students, much like he was conducting a press conference, his dad said later.

Christian, who was battling a tumor that kept resurfacing on his brain, knew he didn’t have much time left with his classmates. But he spoke with a sense of optimism and lightheartedness as he shared what he knew about his terminal cancer and why his picture was on the side of the truck above the words “Orphan Cancers.”

“He made everyone feel comfortable,” said his father, Doug Meyer. “And he always knew the right thing to say to put people at ease.”

Christian never made it to the second grade. He passed away at his home on Oct. 27, one month after his eighth birthday [Read More].

To read the rest of the article, please visit the Wicked Local Newton site.
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To contribute to the Meyer Family Trust, send a check to c/o John Talvacchia Eckert, Seamans LLC, One International Place Boston, MA 02110 or — in honor of Christian Daniel Meyer — to c/o Massachusetts General Hospital, Pediatric Brain Tumor Fund, 165 Cambridge St., Suite 600, Boston, MA 02114.

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