Thursday, October 30, 2008

helpin' the little guy

Realizing I was one of the few people of color involved in OYFP, I thought about posting a nice and sassy entry on race/ethnicity and politics in light of recent comments and controversies both local (Diane Wilkerson) and national (John Mccain). But I decided I, myself, needed a little respite from the heated, intense discussions surrounding this issue.

So, here's some good news:

Not only do you get to "fall back" and sleep on extra hour this weekend (thank you, Daylight Savings, and sorry, Indiana, for this thorn in your side.), you also give your little ticker an edge. Swedish researchers have analyzed data from the past twenty years and found that the number of heart attacks dropped on the Monday following Daylight Savings (Interestingly enough, the number of heart attacks rose the week after clocks were moved forward an hour in spring!).

I'm happy to hear that. 'Cause Lord knows, after Tuesday's election, my chance of having a heart attack just might increase, and that little guy will need all the help he can get (my heart, that is)!


Casey said...

You're forgetting about Erica and Liz!

Casey said...

And Reena! And before, Kelly. :-) For awhile it was about 50% Asian females.. But generally you are right. :-)

hannah said...

yes, i am thrilled about erica, liz, and reena (we miss you, kelly!), but in terms of overall numbers, we colored folks are in the minority...

but don't let my statements fool you. i love ALL oyfp members - regardless of race/ethnicity! ;)