Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everyone Wants You to Vote - Even Google

My day job is as a Client Services Manager at a Search Engine Marketing firm (the best one, if I do say so myself). We spend all day long thinking about Google, Yahoo!, MSN, how people search, more about Google, why people search, what they click on, more about Google, etc.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into Google's advertising interface and saw this "alert":

Google wants me, a lowly Google Adwords user, to vote! Wow! This must be serious if Google's in on it.

Ok, so I'm being a little sarcastic, but this is serious. There's a lot at stake this election, so I suppose I appreciate Google's little prompt, along with the helpful links to where I can find more information.

Everyone's getting on the "Get out the Vote" bandwagon. What group or which person is the strangest you've seen urging people to vote on November 4? Has Richard Simmons joined the "vote now" crowd yet?

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