Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids Can Have Cancer Too

It's hard in these difficult economic times to think about others than yourself but that is when it is most important to think and help out others who are less fortunate then yourself. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so naturally I want to spend some time writing about our partner, Christopher's Haven.

Christopher's Haven helps families who come to Boston to have their children treated for Cancer by providing them housing and comfort while they deal with the sometimes challenging treatment for cancer.

Back in June with the help of OYFP members, I helped move several families, into apartments for their stay in Boston. We built beds, set up kitchens, arranged furniture and hung up decorations. It was an exhausting day but it was worth it when we got to spend some time with the families and children we were supporting.

What's interesting is the diversity of families that Christopher's Haven helps out. I met families from Seattle and Denmark to name a few who all come from different backgrounds but came for the same purpose. What stays with me the most is the little baby (my guess a year old) which was crawling around the finished apartments having a good ol' time. It really showed me that dealing with cancer doesn't mean you have to be stuck to a hospital bed.

I will never forget how happy and full of life the child was. It definitely made all my aches, pains and tiredness associated from moving people into apartments all worth it. I knew that this baby will have the comforts of home with Christopher's Haven and just maybe will help make her and her family's stay here in Boston more easy.

So if you don't have the funds necessary to help the children whom have cancer, then donate some of your time to Christopher's Haven and you will be glad you did it.

Pictures: Courtesy of (first photo is with Dan the Founder of Christopher's Haven)

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Hi I'm Judi and I do think this is something we can actually do to help kids who indeed need help. I'll pass your word to my friends.

We'll make a difference when we do it together!