Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OYFP Turns 3, Globe Celebrates

OYFP celebrated its 3rd birthday at Globe Bar and Café on Thursday, August 21. Check out the Flickr account for pictures - you may be featured with a carrot stick in your mouth like Liz below.

The event, Local Action, Global Impact: OYFP Boston's 3rd Anniversary Party!, was a celebration of OYFP’s accomplishments over the past year.

Globe was a great place for this type of event. The manager of Globe, Julie Weeden, hooked us up! They provided us a private, balcony style, space that overlooked the bar area – free of charge! There was more than enough food for our guests and the friendly staff kept everyone happy.

When I reflect on OYFP’s accomplishments over the past few years I become increasing excited for the future. We're almost up in the big leagues and there ain't nothing wrong with that. We’re really starting to operate like a little organization. Tasks are becoming increasing delegated. We’ve had an intern. We’re in the process of applying for a large grant. We’re successfully planning, managing and executing multiple events in the same month. It’s an exciting time.

If you’re looking to get involved consider attending an upcoming event or shooting one of us an email.

On behalf of all the men, women, and children served by OYFP please accept our sincere thanks. We truly appreciate your partnership and generous support.

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Casey said...

Yeahhhh OYFP! Go us. I like the globe in the background