Friday, August 1, 2008

Make Love, Not Grass

I'd heard of the anti-lawn movement in vague terms before but a recent article in the New Yorker by does a good historical summary of the rise of lawnism and subsequent response of anti-lawnism. Among the main anti-lawn arguments: "toxicity, habitat destruction, resource depletion, enforced conformity" via homeowner laws.

A brief search to see if there was some way of supporting lawn alternative movements, aside from currently living without a lawn, yielded a garden variety of results (bad pun intended). People have found all kinds of lawn alternatives that are more economical, sustainable, and beautiful. However, I was surprised to see that there isn't any national association that exists to help these differing approaches work together.

An umbrella organization, or some sort of collaboration between all the lawn alternative movements and even related ideas like the development of sustainable golf courses, could prove useful in elevating the profile of these issues and pushing the antilawn agenda at a national level.

If someone out there feels so inclined, or knows of such a group, give me a shout out in the comments.

One urban dweller's alternative lawn solution - looks lovely to us!

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Photo courtesy of Urban Eden.


Casey said...

The dream of "grassdom" around a McMansion is hard one to give up. Some developments even have rules about the state of your lawn!!!

Krystle said...

I don't know if I could ever give up grass. You make some excellent points Casey, however, I like the feeling of grass on barefeet on a hot summer day!