Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Olympics 2008: Inspiration. No, really.

It's easy to feel removed from the Olympics. After all, they're happening on the other side of the world in Beijing, China. We've discussed the politics surrounding the Olympics, and current events in China like the recent earthquake, but it still doesn't make it [China] real to me.

I honestly don't know that I'll ever really "get" China or even be able to picture it unless I go there, but after my recent trip to the Olympics training center in Colorado Springs, I can picture the Olympics.

Ok, maybe that's even a stretch - but after seeing the introductory video profiling Olympians going to the 2008 Olympics, I feel the Olympics. I want to watch these young athletes compete with their peers across the world. They're working so hard, they're so dedicated, they've given up so much, and what they produce can perhaps be considered art. Watching someone who is excellent at their job is a joy.

It helps that our tour guide was my cousin Kevin Barnett, who was a two time Olympian on the US volleyball team. He is passionate about the competition, the athletes, and the spirit of the event. In fact, he's a commentator for NBC for the Games, specifically the games of volleyball.

The Olympics begin on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08). Watch on your television, or get it on demand on your computer. According to Kevin, you can watch more than one event at once! Ah, the wonders of the world wide interweb.

This is your chance to see people from all over the world, to feel that spirit of togetherness, and to see art in action. Inspire yourself.

My brother Noah showing his excitement about Kevin Barnett's impending tour of the Colorado Springs training center

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Photos courtesy of my trip to Colorado this past weekend. Congrats go out to my cousin Keith and his new wife Jessica!

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