Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Be a Rock Star: Charity Rock Band Event with Costumes!

Take out your red pleather pants, gold sequined tops, and neon headbands - it's time for the first (of what we hope will be many) OYFP "Be a Rock Star" Rock Band and costume contest event!!

Join us on Sunday, June 15 at 8:00 PM at Orleans in Davis Square, Somerville, for this event. Come dressed in your finest rock costume - there will be awards for best in show, best performance, and best costume, all as judged by the crowd's applause.

And yes, there will be TVs at the bar with the Celtics playoff game five on them.

Though we're not selling tickets for the event, we are suggesting you donate $5, which will support the Italian Home for Children. The Italian Home houses and educates kids with severe emotional and behavioral issues - a worthy cause if I ever saw one.

Maybe you've read this far and aren't quite sure what we're talking about... so let me explain. Rock Band is a video game, but not at all like those Mario Bros. games of the past. It's more like how you used to play air guitar in your room, sing in the shower, or "jam" with your high school garage band... only you're far better than you once were because you're playing along with the actual music.

Each member of the "band" has a role - guitar, bass, drums, or singing - and you're playing actual instruments.. well sort of. Instruments built to interact with the video game, anyway. It's like karaoke, only more comprehensive. I'm struggling to explain the concept, but trust me, it's awesome.

Review Nick Suttner on Amazon raves, "Rock Band is one of those concepts that's so inherently dynamite, so proliferate with potential, that if it simply delivers on its basic promises, it's more than enough. And it certainly does deliver."

So. Join us on June 15 to experience it for yourself. Song sign-up starts at 8:30 PM. You can sign up as a group, or as a solo arteest (and the moderator will rally other onlookers to fill out your band).

See you there, rockers!

PS. Look for mention of the event in the Boston Globe's Sidekick and in the Phoenix!
PPS. To reinforce this fact - for you sports fans, Orleans has many a TV, some of which will have the Celtics game on it. Nothing like a little multi-tasking. Beat LA...! Beat LA... Beat LA!

OYFPers can certainly rock out harder than these Harmonix dudes!

Photos courtesy of My Lush Life and Unscripted360.


Krystle said...

I'm thinking of channeling Pat Benatar Sunday night.

Casey said...

I'm feeling gold lame and tulle, personally.