Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1922 Dudley Square Time Capsule Opened

A time capsule buried in 1922 at the former site of a furniture store was opened today in Dudley Square, Roxbury, by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Representative Byron Rushing, and State Senator Dianne Wilkerson.

The capsule was discovered by construction workers in the former Ferdinand Furniture Store, known for years as the "Blue Store," because of its blue fa├žade. The Dudley Square store opened in 1899 and was a main part of Roxbury's shopping district.

Inside the small copper box were two old newspapers (The Boston Evening Transcript and The Boston Post), a furniture advertisement, and a copy of a speech given when the capsule was buried 86 years ago by former Boston Mayor James Michael Curley.

If you prepared a time capsule and you could only put 3 things in, what would they be?

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Photos courtesy of the Boston Globe's article.


Casey said...

Wow - so cool! Like a story from a book or movie, but in our very own city.

I think I would put a photo of roads with cars on it, a photo of an office with its computers, and of course, a printed newspaper, which seems to be on the edge of extinction.

Krystle said...

Like Casey I would put a newspaper because it gives a good snapshot of what is going on in the world currently.

I think I would also put in a family photo to show off how fashionable my family is.:)

Finally I would put in my cell phone to see how dated it looks in 80 years!

jewelzhernandez1 said...

I did this Mural for the Mayor Menino with my B.Y.C.C Crew its was so hot that summer I miss them days. I was 15 yrs old. My name Julia Hernandez is on there and the rest of the crew members.

OYFP Boston said...

Hi Julia! Very cool!!! Thank you for sharing.