Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hats off to Italian Home for Children

This past Saturday I went to the Derby Day event, which benefit the Italian Home for Children (IHC). This allowed me to do two things: One, to buy myself a ridiculously large flowery hat, and two, participate in a fundraiser for one of OYFP's partners.

This was my first time at the Harvard Club and the views it offers of downtown Boston were spectacular. Additionally, this was my first time to a derby event and it was fun to go around sipping mint julieps and admiring the creativity of other people with their hats.

My favorite hat was a lady who turned a baseball cap backwards, and put some flowers at the back (lid) of the hat. It's non-traditional of course, but I like people who think outside of the box. Jamie, my date was in the race for the best male hat. I think it was because he was one of three men there wearing hats, but I thought he looked very dapper in his hat.

In the Harvard Club, there were many flat screen TVs positioned around so you could watch the derby without straining your neck. When the horses were racing it was fun to see everyone cheer on the horse they thought had the best chance to win. It made you feel like you were at the clubhouse in Kentucky, cheering on the horses so they could hear it. And of course, we all knew that the tickets were going to support the Italian Home, which was reason enough to yell a little.

This event may not have been something you can afford but if you can, it is a spectacular event to attend that benefits an even more spectacular cause.

If you don't have any money to donate, but have the time, then come volunteer and play recess with the residents of the Italian Home for Children, Saturday May 17th, from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. After all, volunteering will make you happier in the long run...

Spots are limited so please RSVP quickly to reena.mathew@oyfp.org. More information is available on the OYFP website.

Think of it as a field day to help out children who have emotional and behavioral issues... oh and you get to play too.

To view more photos of Derby Day 2008, visit Boston.com.

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photo courtesy of me

graphic flyer courtesy of Erica


Anonymous said...

You supported an event that is incredibly cruel to animals? How dare you!

- PETA-lovin Liberal

Krystle said...

I supported a fundraiser for the Italian Home for Children.