Monday, March 24, 2008

Talking about race in BostonNOW

A snippet from Krystle's post "Let the dialogue begin" was included in today's issue of BostonNOW.

Race is often one of those things not discussed, for fear of violating the PC code of conduct. Barack Obama's speech is just the first step in starting the dialogue. . . and BostonNOW is helping us start that conversation, as is blogger CJ32inBOS with his/her interesting post on Obama's speech.

What do you think about race in America today?


Krystle said...

I think that is part of the problem, that people are afraid to talk about race because they don't want to loose face or be perceived as racist. In my opinion if we were to talk about it more honestly, then there would be more forward progress.

Casey said...

As the song in Avenue Q goes, "everyone's a little bit... racist."