Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Biking in place gets the homeless far

My dad used to bike 9 miles each way to work (uphill both ways in a snowstorm, of course). I used to bike 2 miles to my first job at Boston Market (uphill only one way - I'm a wuss). Over the past few years, however, biking and getting nowhere at all has become all the fashion. They even have a fancy name for it - "spinning."

I'm sure all y'all have heard of spinning before. I myself have even attended a class or two, but I had a hard time "biking to the beat." However, I may hop on a bike going nowhere sooner than I think.

The non-profit HomeStart is holding a spinning marathon to raise money for the homeless. The public is invited to raise $250 for an hour of riding, and then hop on one of the stationary bikes at International Place -- outside -- for a one hour spinning class.

The shenanigans are taking place from 7am to 6pm on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at International Place in Boston. This is your chance to show off your spinning skillz, and raise a little dough for an excellent cause. Hit up your friends! Hit up your relatives! Ask your work pals!

If you can't imagine biking in this weather, imagine what it would feel like to live outside in this weather. At the very least, show up and cheer the brave riders on.

We'll leave this kind of spinning to the grannies.

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