Sunday, December 2, 2007

Reflecting on Ourselves

I read an article today on about white space. Basically, the article was pointing out that when we're working, we're doing ten things at once - writing an email, listening to a conference call, responding to our manager's question, thinking about lunch, etc. We don't have time to get our job done, nevermind think about the bigger picture of what we're doing.

I experience this both at work and when working on OYFP. Even now as I write this post, the football game is on, I'm uploading photos, reading an email about a floor hockey game, and I've answered my phone twice. Often I get caught up in the details instead of thinking about the organization as a whole.

So. How to solve this? Well, companies are creating "white space" where employees can think about a problem with no distractions, or maybe think about nothing at all. At my day job, they provide us with a game room. Sometimes the best ideas come in the middle of a ping pong game!

Maybe the time has come to create my own "white space" - I know OYFP would be better for it. Where do you go when you want to clear your mind? Do you have your own white space? Does your company provide white space for you?

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