Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting what you need in the nonprofit world

It is very easy to feel like there's a lot of money floating around for nonprofit support, but that it's just very difficult to make the right match with a sponsor. How do you find and filter through all the organizations, people and causes that are out there? How, as a nonprofit, do you make yourself heard?

Enter good2gether, an upcoming company that's still in pre-launch phase. good2gether is the brainchild of a serial social entrepreneur, and hopes to play a big roll in Boston's non-profit and philanthropy scene. It is "a new search and social web service that connects people to causes" and appears, accroding to the sneak-peek info page, to be a free service.

The site will connect nonprofits, volunteers and corporations with each other. But most interestingly, good2gether is also aiming to partner with major media outlets in 10 target cities such as New York, Boston, Houston, etc. My source who recently attended one of good2gether's recent sneakpeek meetings said that the comapny has already sealed a partnership with, who will feature good2gether's CPC ads next to relevant content.

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Casey said...

OOooo how do we get involved with them?